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So i've been making jerk reactions to purchases without really knowing what im getting

Picked up some tapered bearings for the steering and it was wrong size... So i ordered another set making sure i got the correct size and when they came in they didn't have the cup part of the bearing.

So now im trying to make one. got the ring part done from some flat stock. need to flare it out somehow...this is where a lathe and some solid pipe would come in handy. OR i keep buying bearings until i get the right CUP with it.

Side note: went to pepboys and asked if they could look up axle bearings for me and give me something with 1.5" ID. they say "make and model of car please", im like "no i need bearings with 1.5" id". Again they say, "sorry we need make and model of car to look anything up" WTF!@!!@#$#$%#$% anyways, i like pepboys, but really! i want to buy something, look it up!

So any idea how i can find a car/truck with 1.5" axle or wheel hub bearings so i can giev them that make/model? then maybe they have a CUP for them as well that i can purchase or at least get the pair in my hand to make sure it's correct....
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