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Hey landuse,
Here are the pics of the carbs I promised.
I have cleaned them all up so you are more likely to buy them
They are all pretty much new.
The throttle bore is approx. .7" or around 18mm
The overall length of the carb is about 52mm.

You can see that one carb has no fuel switch, one has a fuel switch and one has a switch and a second bowl called a strainer cup or sediment cup.

IMO the honda machining and casting is better quality- you get what you pay for.
If you want them give me a shout!

Edit: looking at the mounting holes compared to yours they look to be positioned slightly differently, meaning the carb would be angled. However, I cannot see this being a problem, after all racers use 15* engine mounts, and also we are using these engines on karts and bikes, riding up hills and having the kart angled.

Anyone want carbs???
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