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Originally Posted by landuse View Post
I am probably going to have to get new rings, cos the ones on this piston looked like they are jammed tight into the grooves, and they can't even move. Trying to loosen one of the rings up, I broke it.
What do you all think of this piston? Can I use a whire wheel on the sides of it to clean up the varnish/dirt?
Bugger! Once you get the rings out, soak the piston in petrol/gasoline for an hour or two; this will soften all the crud in the ring grooves. Then scrape out said crud using a razor knife/box cutter.

You can safely wire wheel the piston lightly

Originally Posted by landuse View Post
The valves were also in bad shape. The exhaust valve was encrusted will all sorts, and it took me a while to clean them up. You can see what the look like now. Please excuse the extremely oily hands. The latex gloves I was wearing tore, and I though....stuff it
If your hands aren't filthy then you're not working hard enough

Originally Posted by landuse View Post
I also tried my hand at making a side cover gasket, and if I must say came out pretty well!!
That looks pretty good!

Originally Posted by landuse View Post
I also tried to hone the bore using Fabromans advice, but I was just getting nowhere. I think I am just a bit impatient. I can by a hone for about $17, so I might do that and hone it properly. I can also buy some lapping compound for $7.5, so I will probably do that too.
What grade paper were you using? Were you rubbing wet or dry?

Originally Posted by landuse View Post
I have actually been pleasantly surprised that this process hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be. Live and learn like Fabroman says
Are you now wondering why you've been putting it off for so long?

Keep up the good work buddy, you're doing great.

Oh, heads up; You're still doing the easy part
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