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Default Help Help< Please Help!!

i was looking for a welding project to do in my high school, in riverton wyoming. I am an advanced welding student and have been welding for four years. I decided to do the mini chopper design from this web site. i thought it would be really awesome and cool to customize my own mini chopper. So i printed off the plans. I read through the plans but they didnt have all the specs. Im no pro so i need some help. IF ANYONE has any specs on lenght of metal for the frame or anything like step by step blue prints it would be greatly appreciated. then i could start. i could start but i dont wanna mess anything up because i have to pay for the metal and supplies myself. so PLEASE PLEASE help me with how long the metal pieces are i cut and bend to make the frame and the rest of the bike!! thank you. YOu can e-mail me the specs or blue prints or just tell me how long stuff needs to be on here. lol i need help bad!!

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