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Only 2 rules to know on a throttle cable: (1): Sleeved sheath. (2): Heavy return spring on motor.
That's it. You pay extra for a quality cable that has internal metal sleeving in the sheath so the steel cable slides back and forth inside of that freely even with a semi-tight bend in the positioning. The return spring(s) on the motor at the point of cable connection should be easily more than strong enough to forcibly yank that cable back when you let go of the throttle. Otherwise you end up sitting on your splitbiscuit while the bike thunders away at 40mph without a rider thanks to the law of angular motion. Shove the end of the sheath all the way into the twist grip while pulling on the cable, then lock the sheath's other end down to the motor, and pull the cable to its lockdown screw. If the spring has retracted the throttle mechanism to the idle position, you've got it, lock the cable down.
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