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Default Better quality Mini Bike twist throttle

I have a Monster Moto MM-B212 mini bike and I'm not happy with the twist throttle. It has an 1/8 of a turn or a little more slack in it and makes it very annoying to ride. When I take off I have my hand high on top of the bars then I can get full throttle. When I'm trail riding my hand gets in a more relaxed position and when I get to a field or opening and want full throttle its hard to get it without repositioning my hand. I've tried every adjustment I can think of (pull the cable tighter, adjusting the cable housing to make it longer, and etc.) and it just seem to be in the twist grip itself. I know the cable is taunt and the slack is not in the cable. Is there a better twist grip available? Anyone else have this problem? I'm also thinking about going to a thumb throttle. Any hints or tips?
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