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Originally Posted by JTSpeedDemon View Post
And a few Kartco karts, as well as I think a few Mancos.
More common with newer karts, due to annoying safety litigations.(mostly from people's long hair getting caught in the sprocket.
That's their own fault!
Girls have long hair, don't be hating! And don't forget the princess! I seen the way you was looking at her!

And it wasn't from hair getting in the was from hair and clothes and other things getting caught and wrapped up around the spinning axle shaft... I read a kart recall notice years back and the fix was to install a floating plastic sleeve over the axle shafts. Is it any safer? I don't know. Safety is a product of the operator. I can safely operate an unsafe device as well as unsafely operate a safe device. The operation is up to me. It's a moot point. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


As with all machines, with more complexity comes more expense and maintenance. Some folks like to keep their karts simple and cheap, some like them more complex, some are racing machines and some are like little dune buggies.

So you just gotta decide what you want to do and how far your wallet will take you. You could even build like a little micro car if you wanted to.

It's not an answer to your question, but a question to your answer.

Ponder on them both.
This ain't rocket science boys!!!
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