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Originally Posted by Derek_W View Post
It just started on its own. Model # Xg150-sp/150cc engine.

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Yes when the kart is started I can press the brake and hear the starter grinding/engaging.
Your brake light switch is connected to the Starting Relay. I suspect this Relay is defective and causing your problem, but I could be wrong and you might have a Starter switch or wiring Issue causing the problem.

To properly diagnose the problem; you need to locate this Relay, unplug it and then test each the 3 wires:

(Your wires might be different colors, but according to this wiring diagram:)

One of these Starter relay wires should be a constant battery feed. It should have power all the time, no matter the position of the Ignition switch or brake pedal.

Then you should find a 2nd wire in that plug that only receives power when you push the brake pedal. (you'll need to have the Ignition switched to the on-position for this test, because the brake light switch needs that for It's source of power...)

Then the 3rd wire should be receiving a Ground-signal (not power) only when your starter switch is in the crank position.

If the Starter relay wiring passes these 3 tests, your relay is defective and causing the problem.

You could use an inexpensive 12-volt test light, or the DC-voltage setting of a Multi-meter for all these tests. To test for ground-signals, you'd simply need to connect one of the test probes to the positive battery terminal and then use the other to test for grounds...

I couldn't find a wiring diagram for your exact model, but this diagram is for the 150cc Excalibur ZN150T, that I'm assuming has the same starting circuit...

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