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Originally Posted by Holmes View Post
Hey all, I dont want to hijack this thread, but I have a similar question. I just got an old 5 hp 1203 for my kids, and after cleaning the carb it will wind up and is fast ( figuratively) on flat pavement. However, it won't climb a hill if it's life depened on it. If it's on loose gravel it will spin out, but on pavement it just bogs down and stops.

So I've done some research, this did not come with a torque converter, but has a centrifugal clutch so no adjustment possible.

The drive gear is 10 teeth and the driven is 44. It also has 15x6-6 rear turf tires. If I buy smaller more aggressive tires will this help enough to climb? Or do I need a new drive gear also. We're are talking about a 10-15% grade .
Smaller tyres will definitely help, but getting a larger axle sprocket would be better. Get a 60T
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