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Default Wheelbarrow hot rod

Originally Posted by Kartorbust View Post
Might I suggest finding a light trailer leaf spring and dropping down to a single leaf on that?

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Originally Posted by OzFab View Post
VW bugs use much smaller leaf springs; I'm talking 3mm (1/8") thick & from 20-30mm (~3/4-1 1/4") wide... just saying...

Originally Posted by Denny View Post
I would use a Club Car golf cart front spring, I will not only get you in the ballpark but onto the playing field. ��


These are great recommendations, thank you ��

Good advise should always be valued highly IMO and I will be looking at spring alternatives ��

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Put some more work into the ‘bones ��. Turned some bushings for the frame end:

Drilled the ‘bones for a plug weld:

Welded the plug and seam:

Tacked the rest:

Welded solid:

And ground smooth:

I used my MIG welder for this even though I am in the game of building TIG skills. The reason being that the wishbone halves didn’t end up with a perfect fit. It is much easier to bridge a gap with MIG than with TIG (at least at my skill level )
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