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Default Wheelbarrow hot rod

Next up is hanging the I-beam axle. This is done in a few ways on real hot rods, one of which is by a transverse leaf spring and a set of split wishbones. Something like this:

I have a leaf spring that may be suited for my use but more on that later. The focus right now is the split wishbones. I found this picture online and I will try to make something similar:

I started out with a some 25mm (~1”) tubing with 1.5mm (~1/16”) wall thickness. Flimsy stuff, but the ‘bones will only take axial forces so should be fine. I also needed the tubing to not be too strong as it was my intention to squeeze it flat 😎 :

I made 2 pieces like that and afterwords split them and removed a wedge from each piece. The idea here was to end up with a coned shape with and oval end and a round end:

One end:

The other end:

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