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Originally Posted by Texan View Post
You know what they say "No good deed goes unpunished"

Hopefully you keep posting, as you provide very good content
...just tryin' to help

Thanks, I don't give up easily

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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
and again.. that's INCORRECT!

LiIon Cells... you do the same fricking error over and over and over again!

LiIon cells are NOT LiIon cells!!!

Quite often your reply's are not "crystal clear" to me
(some almost seem like riddles, that I have to figure out)(I think I've mentioned that before)
...but, now I understand, "LiIon cells are NOT LiIon cells!!!" means (=) companies/manufacturers put many different Lithium Ion chemistry types in the same packaging.

No wonder DIY folks are having such a hard time using lithium batteries.

You, of all people should know, I was NOT tryin' to post BAD info or "kablam anyone into the hospital".

My intentions are the exact opposite. I want to learn more & "spread the word" about safely using lithium batteries to power our karts.

Ok so, lets dig deeper into how I got these "misconceptions"?

When researching lithium batteries, it seemed like the automotive "pouch" cells (Chevy Volt & Nissan Leaf) were constructed with Lithium Maganese chemistry. They both have the same 3.75V (nominal).
& most of the lithium packs available on Amazon/eBay seemed to be constructed with 18650 Lithium Polymer cells with 3.2V (nominal) voltage.

Now, I (& hopefully the rest of the forum) understand, there's a lot more to the situation.
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