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and again.. that's INCORRECT!

LiIon Cells... you do the same fricking error over and over and over again!

LiIon cells are NOT LiIon cells!!!

cell Voltage for some more common types of LiIon batteries:
LiCoO2 : 3.6V (cobalddioxid that's about the most common type)
LiMnO2 : 3.7-3.8V (the manganesedioxide one you named specifically above as being the "only Li Ion" type varies slightly based on specific ratio)
LiFePO4 : 3.3V (No that's no Polymer that's Ironphosphate)
Li2FePo4F : 3.6V
And that's only scratching the surface..
theres some nickel some aluminium, some tin, some cobald(III) some titanium some this and some that and several of something else
And all of those specific chemicals all have their very own specific voltages, uses and limits

for god's sake stop pretending to compile an exhaustive list already..
explain what there is to explain about batteries..
and what novice users have to take care of,

and leave the rest aside.. it's of no F* use especially not if it's wrong enough to cause
a dangerous thermal runaway batpack

What you you think yould happen if the user refers to your list..
takes a LiFePO4 battery (eoc voltage is 3.6V so BELOW your claimed nominal voltage of 3.75)
and tries to wham 42V onto his 10S pack...

correct it'll burst into violent flames!

this is getting outright dangerous, and I am very much inclined to take the whole thread down already.

Again, I like the idea,
but the execution is terrible,
your topic screems "I know what to take care of"
and the content proves the exact opposite to the trained eye,
and the untrained eye will be lead into your false assumptions and
can end up with their shed, home and/or crotch burned down

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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