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Sorry Kevin, I don't mean to sound rude.. really..
it's just that misquoted information or misleading terminology
can cause all degrees of troubles.
from "oh nothing happens" right up to
"Kevin said LiPos are bullet proof.. Now I kablammed my butt into the hospital"

that's why I'm a bit too picky about the details..

I just want to be sure you don't lure an uneducated boy into believing he could try what he shouldn't ever.
And if you compile a ton of information, chances are that untrained random bypasser
just extracts what sounds best to him.. misquoting you again..
and the troubles potentiate themselves

I'd rather ask you to remove all "only half right" stuff and leave it with just the few most basic things..
skip ALL technology and internals as good as you can.. most of that is common misbelief
(you must not store or mount an AGM upside down)
some of which can cause rather severe troubles

The idea of that thread is great.. but it needs a make over IMHO
especially if you keep the tech-bits in that are just plain incorrect and potentially dangerous even.

I'll try to read it thoroughly twice and sugegst some correction a bit later today

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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