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well you cannot have uploaded the blink sketch with that I'm afraid..
something must've been changed or the arduino came preloaded with the blink sketch already.

with the Arduino NOT Connected to the Computer
check Tools-> Port to see what entries are listed (remember them!)
if it's greyed out.. the list is empty (appears to be *shrugs*)

connect the Arduino Nano via USB,
then open Tools->Board and select "Arduino Nano" from the list of boards.
go to Tools->Port and select the Port Number that wasn't there when you checked first.
(maybe the only one in there now)
click "Get Board Info"
and post the resulting message.

if "Port" is still greyed out,
with the arduino still conneced
open the Windows device manager
(here's how to find it in case you need help

And then expand the view for "Ports (COM & LPT)"
and check if you see an entry called "USB-SERIAL CH340"
if you don't you forgot to install the ch340 driver
Install it now and see if it appears in the device manager.
if it does go back
to Arduino IDE Tools->Port and see if you can now select a COM Port.

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