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Default Hello from Canada!

Hey everyone my name is Brian. I'm into just about anything with a motor and have been working on them for a good few years now. I seem to be the "go to guy" to help get it fixed whether it's a car, power washer, trimmer, dirt bike, snowblower ect. and tend to rely mostly on my own skills and knowhow. 2 stroke motors are by far my favorite as I love the sound, the smell and am a sucker for a wicked powerband! I'm more than happy to help when/as I can and will only offer up what I feel is sound advice.

I've been cruising the site for awhile reading up on some of the nuances you face with your karts powerplants as I'm using one (GX200 clone) in a old Suzuki quad I got on trade without an engine (and dont expect to find the right one anytime soon). I decided I was bored of just looking at it and wanted to get it motorvated! After much reading here I decided to get a 30 series (clone) torque converter off Amazon for my project and so far so good (even though my gear ratio isnt ideal). Heres a quick pic of "The Ditchbanger", yes I have a cover for the TC and yes I have plastics for the quad it's still in the building/testing/tweaking phase so no sense wasting time installing/removing it every time I work on it. Maybe I'll do a build thread on it if people seem interested even though it's not a kart! Lol
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