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Default 48v 1800w go kart

Hi guys sorry for my late reply lots going on .... you was right the 2 motors was not readying like fa was, I also got another motor and blew another...** 3 motors and 2 controllers to repair 🤣🤞
doing so I think i need new sensors do you no where I can get them lil he sensors* for motor 1800-2000w or what they called as they have no code on them?

On the 1800w controller I have 12 mosfets and only 6 are working the mosfets labelled p in picture are positive and working doing multimeter testing ,so I guess I got to change 6 mosfets? And would prob be a good guess why there were blowing so quick ? I have here The code on the mosfets sbon18r I will uploads a pic of it if you can see it* really hard to see it myself.... otherwise* must be a substitute? Hopefully that should be it nothing else seem to be blown
thankyou* so much
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