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wait WHAT???
red to blue vid#1
yellow to red vid#2???..

you MUST measure
yellow to black
green to black
blue to black.. always to ground, never to source
And you again set the MM to 20V..
as you can see FA put his to 2V (2000mV)
since the output is rather minimal (which surprised me)

Sorry Tony, but you did it wrong again
Set your Multimeter to 2Volts (maybe even 200mV)
make sure HE Sensors are properly powered, then again
take the measurements (do NOT rush through the notches of the motor!)
black green, black blue, black yellow...

No worries, we're patient, but try to keep up


PS Oh btw.. eyes are horizontally alligned inside one's head.. so langscape video is MUCH nicer to view.. we're not on cell phones most of the time and such .. so if you can please turn the phone sideways.
the wirings is of more relevancve than the white wall in the background for example
and please don't rush through the notches.. the sensors need to saturate the Multimeter in order for it to show a reading, and while that SHOULD be quick, it might not always be (the flickering of the minus bar on the LCD is a clear sign that the multimeter is "seeing some change"
We want to know what that change was
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