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yes from the video you surely have NOT rotated the engine shaft one full rotation each time (360)
and yes that is very important!

so grab a sharpie and mark one tooth (any tooth)
have that tooth pointing straight up (as straight up as possible)

ONLY connect the red probe to yellow and the black to ground.
(do not switch leads!!)
rotate the motor shaft clockwise until the marked tooth is again facing straight up
while observing the multimeter readout.
repeat with the green and blue wire.

once you found one position, mark on the motor case where the marked tooth sits,
that should make it easier to find the next position 120 apart.

Do that with both motors again.
AND take notes!!
I want to know how far you've turned the shaft with the 0.66 reading for example..
looks like a mere 60 or such, but I need to know
And while I agree that degrees are hard to tell with a jerking motorshaft alike,
so count all the jerks for one full rotation and write down the reading for each jump-position of the shaft instead.. that should suffice to get a good idea
(yes that DOES include all 0 readings I'm afraid)


PS I'm a bit relieved that you actually did this wrong, so we can still have some hope for the motors.
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