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Finally i think i have found somthing but not 100% I have the ebike tester and when spinning the motor on motor 1. I have just ha/blue stands for hall sensor which means blue and yellow hall is damaged?? On motor 2 it has ha/blue and green/ does that mean the yellow hall sensor is damaged to as when spinning the motor all 3 should light up on tester??? Both could in motor light up fine .
The controller 1. Says it has controller 5v output but controller to 2 does not come up with 5v light? And on both controller 1 and 2 I have no angle of 60 or 120 degrees , and don't no why or what that could be ? Some have wired it to battery for test I tryed this no difference the instructions are shocking ...
So I'm guessing both motors need hall sensor replaced in motor as all the lights did not flash ,
1 controller has damaged 5v output
But both dont do the angle configuration which is strange??
I will uploads pics thankyou
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