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I just put a 212 on a doodlebug. It was super easy. Buy an engine mount adapter plate to make that easy, otherwise you will have to drill some new holes in the frame. I put a torque converter on mine which required me to mod the torque converter and cut off the chain tensioner, but a max torque clutch would work just fine for this. I used the same chain, same sprocket at first but got a smaller one later. Fuel cap on the 212 ends up lining up right between the top frame bars and comes out no problem. It was overall super simple.

Pick up one of these and you'll have the predator mounted in minutes.

Really you'll just need that plate, a clutch for a 3/4" shaft, and probably a chain breaker and a new master link so you can resize the chain. I changed the rear sprocket on mine but you don't have to. Removed governor as well. My doodlebug does 50+ mph. It's pretty scary actually.