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***ANOTHER UPDATE***Had some free time yesterday afternoon to do some testing. Installed the blue/silver garter springs, engine topped out at 6800 RPMs, road five minutes and bang, both springs broke off at the ends. These springs weren't going to work anyways since the engagement point for the CVT was just not workable! Needed too much RPM to get started. Next, tried fluorescent yellow garter springs, engine runs up to 6000 RPMs, launch point is good and the driven unit is definitely shifting. Rode for approximately 1/2 hour. No issues. They appeared to work.

Next test will be making spacers for the 9 tooth jack shaft sprocket. Hoping that that will get me to a consistent 6500 RPMs. I will post an update after I test.

Also, picked up a heavy duty yellow driven unit spring. Anybody have results with this spring? Which hole in the driven unit is best for initial testing with this spring? Thanks