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Originally Posted by Functional Artist View Post
I have had tunnel vision lately, workin' on other projects.

The Kart itch is comin' back.

So I have been thinkin' about what can be done to squeeze MORE out of El Dingo.

She moves right along but, I was expecting more.

There seem to be three options:

adjusting the gear ratio. (now @ 5.4:1 maybe try 3:1)

higher voltage. (more batteries now @ 36v maybe try 48v)

or lighter battery pack. (lithium ion)

Hey Sid,

what do you think about the specs on this battery pack?

It's 36v, has a built in BMS, comes with charger & under $400.00.

The drawback is it's only 20 Ah, where my battery pack now is 35Ah but, the difference in weight should make up for some of that.
Well, after more research NO this bat pack is NOT a good fit.

The motor on ElDingo will draw well over 100A.

The specs on the above mentioned bat pack are:

-Instantaneous maximum discharge current: ≤30A
-Over discharge protection current:≤45A

& the Chevy Volt modules specs are:

-Continuous current 240A
-Peak current 350A

The Volt modules only seem to come in multiples of 24V.

...still looking for 36V bat pack possibilities.

...maybe have to step up to 48V