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15->55 on 10.2" is 50.57mph @5500 rpm (removed governor)
Sooo if removing the governor was the plan and the 15->55 would've worked.. 50 mph!

12->55 would still end up at roughly 40+ mph under the above conditions

(not sure it'd sweep up to 5.5k but chances are it will)
Sooo lower gearing is my recommendation (almost all the time)
12->58 [as I said above] at a 'very likely possible' 5k rpm is roundabout 35'ish mph
(38'ish mph @5500 rpm)

plus it'd be even quicker at take off


PS for all speeds above ~28 mph or such you want the governor to be gone or you'll risk burning the belt/clutch... no matter what hp engine, since it's the takeoff speed (road speed required for clutch engagement) killing it then...
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