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Originally Posted by zbillz View Post
Will removing the governor help for more MPH or will the Kart just be stuck at that speed since the motor can't shift the TC into OD due to power loss from belt or lack of power from the motor?
That's what we're trying to find out..

My guess is: it will not have the power to reach top speed with 12->53
frankly I doubt it would with 12->55
I'd say roundabout 12->58 is needed to rev to ~5500 or so
(but that's nothing but a wild guess, since I'm too lazy to calculate a better guess)

IDK why you want to propell your kid to 50mph in a kart to be honest,
but it's your kid, you pay the hospital bills, just try not to kill it please

So let's see how much juice is left, and then decide how much can be converted to speed, and what should be left for torque.

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