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Default Changed tav2 jackshaft sprocket from 12 to 15 tooth


I recently replaced the motor in my sons kart. It had a briggs 5hp and we replaced it with a go power sports tillotson 10hp.

Current setup, 11 inch tires, tav2, 15 tooth jackshaft sprocket and 55 tooth rear axle sprocket. Kart plus driver weight around 250lbs.

Ran with a 12 tooth torque converter sprocket first and the thing accelerates like crazy and got a top speed of 26mph around 3650 rpm. Governor still intact.
Put a 15 tooth converter sprocket to get a little more mph and it looks like it lost some top speed...could only get around 22 mph at 3650rpm.
Almost looks like the belt on the driven side of the converter does not pull all the way in when the kart is at its top speed.

Any ideas on why this would happen?

Ultimately will be removing the governor but want to get this straightened out first.