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Default Update

I have not been working on the go-kart for a while. I got side track and bought a Grizzly G0752 variable speed metal lathe. I hope this new tool will expand my capacity to make more parts for the go-kart.

I have known that it was a heavy equipment but totally unprepared for the size and weight. I have managed to push, heave, manhandled into my garage, but getting it onto yet to be build table is another matter.

In order to get there, I need a crane. Harbor freight offers a two tons crane hoist or build my own gantry crane with more height, better stability and an option to serve as welding platform. (Example: I can lift the go kart frame, setting it on supports and weld from below. 3 feet off the floor is better than 12 inches.)

To get there, I have found a straight path is not always feasible. There are always surprises and requirements.

If anyone interests, I can post my build as part of this go-kart