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Originally Posted by russellcorleone View Post
bro, can u give me the plan? i cant afford to buy it
The basic plan doesn't really apply in my case. It has the appearance of "granddaddy" but much has changed to fit the driver. Your height should be taken into consideration when build. Take the basic plan and enlarge it, width and length on the main frame. front suspension frame should be enlarged. Rear engine frame has enlarged to accommodate larger engine. Beef up shocks, larger tires, electrical system....lots of thing to consider before building. Addition of wheel fender, side steps....emergency brakes...turning lights....

As for the plan, basic "granddaddy" plan is totally different than what I have build. Most of the time, it was sketched out on any kind of paper I have accessed at that moment and then onto build. Sketch out tirelessly and you have less trial and errors.

Use the pics that I have posted to use as a guide and utilize features you like. I can send you pics of area that you have questions.

It's a great learning process, enjoy it.