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Default 2018 Manco Dingo suspension & a little extra

Unfortunately I didnít get to work on the parts too much this week. Wednesday my teacher had to go to a tech center to help them setup their plasma table(due to safety reasons we canít work in the shop if the teacher isnít there), and yesterday I had to finish up my part of our capstone. Iím considering posting the capstone so you guys arenít like what is this he keeps talking about.

Anyways today I milled the flats on the sides of the hinge and set the machine up for drilling/boring the hinge concentric. So I can attempt to do that on Monday.

I think I should have probably designed the middle part .75Ē wide instead of .55Ē because then I could buy a bushing and itíd also be stronger. But whatís done is done and I donít have time atm to make another one.

Next Thursday Iíve got to go down south for my sisters graduation and I wonít be back until the 27th. So that leaves 4 weeks for me to finish making the swing arm, bushing, boring(or make another hub) the disc brake, air filter adapter, and anything else I come up with. If I do have time I may go back and make another set with it .75Ē wide.

I have the HS40 carb coming in today and a new belt coming in on the 14th. Iím not sure if I should put the straight pipe on and the new carb and adjust them so they are ready or wait till the swing arm is done to keep the hype going.

How about you guys vote what I should do. I donít have a YouTube so Iím not sure if I can post a vid directly from my phone camera roll or not.

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