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Default 2018 - Manco Dingo suspension & a little extra

This is my first build-off so I hope I'm doing it right. Here is the gokart I'm going to be modifying, I just so happened to get a Manco dingo with a Tecumseh 195cc(~6.5hp) OHV engine used two winters ago. I test drove it but the chain needed to be shortened and we did that but then the engine needed to be slid forward but one of the bolts was put in the wrong way so it got stuck and we were running out of time so i took it for i think $120. It was in pretty rough shape, the frame was in great condition, but the brake was horrible(the drum somehow started tapering so the brake slides right off), the carb needed some tuning/cleaning, the rear tires were almost bald, the front left gets about 45 min and then its flat, and their was like 1-2" of play in the sprocket(the spot weld from previous owner gave out a few hours after I got it running decently). I got the brake and sprocket "fixed".
I machined a new sprocket hub and just have to bring it to a guy to hv a keyway put in it, I put a new throttle cable on cuz the previous one just barely reached the motor(that was also part of the tuning, it wouldn't run right). So now it runs good, I got a 30 series torque converter for my bday last fall and it was sooo worth the $80.
I'm currently in the process(have them mostly designed) of machining some joints so I can put some rear suspension(front shocks off junkyard kids atv) on it and machining an adapter for a 54 mm air filter(didn't have one before, one bolt is broken in the carb gonna get that taken care of soon). Then once I'm close to done making those I'm going to order a 1900 mm hydraulic brake line, master cylinder for foot brake, brake pads(4 the calipers off kids atv), air filter, and a new belt. I plan on using the disk brake & caliper off the atv but its at my grandparents house cuz I was working on something there, if it is too small I'll see if I can bore it out.
Ive been contemplating on whether to buy a straight pipe or make one. Last night I decided to make one, I used a piece of 1/8" steel and a part of an exhaust off a ride-on lawnmower like the one in the pic(the one it was taken off of had already been taken to the dump by the time i learned of this contest) and ended up just about finished, its more of a "J" pipe atm. I also got the broken bolt out of the carb, I also may buy a new bowl/carb cuz the current one has a pinhole in it. Currently it has epoxy on it but it seems to only last a few months.
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