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usually if the engine locks up on a bike,
the rear wheel locks up and you don't get ejected over the handlebar..

for you to go flying you need to lock the front wheel..
as long as it's rolling there's little chance you go over the handlebar.

So my first suspect is indeed the front wheel and it's brakes
a wobbly brake disk or worse a loose brake pad can lock up the wheel for good;
if that's fine rigid and tested to be in perfect working order (always a good plan )
the next thing to check is the front wheel bearings.

Cannot imagine why the engine died in the process tbh, but such things happen.

it's hard to identify why an engine locks up for no reason without disassembling it completely.
especially if it's running fine just after it locked up.
My first guess is: it didn't
Instead check the killswitch, a loose contact and it might ground out (killing the enigne) on a bump ..
run the engine (neutral and idle) and whack the handlebar with a rubber mallet.
if the engine dies, you have a good suspect for interrogation
If not, check all wiring and connectors more closely, wiggle, the wires, clean the contacts etc...
And if you still haven't found any issue yet,
it'd be time to see if fuel and spark delivery is sound and reliable.
And while being at it, check chain, rear brake and rear wheel (nothing's binding, chain is well maintained, brakes working well etc.)

And now (and ONLY now IMHO) is the time to pop your engine open to see if it's indeed the culprit;
Take a look at the cylinder/piston first (ideally with an endoscopic camera) to see if the cylinderwalls show any markings from a piston lock happening before)
then crank and finally gearbox since it's the hardest to reassemble properly

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