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I have ridden in a few air boats where the water was scary choppy and 2 foot white caps Of course we were in a 14 foot river master hull with a Continental 0540 with Plenty of power and 2ft sides on the boat with a splash pan on the transom. Role of driving a airboat is when in doubt floor it. the wider the boat is the more Stable it stable it is at all speed. All airboats are naturally unstable but you learn how to control them. I did fast. As for brakes that do make Water brakes but I don’t recommend using them in Deepwater because if you stop to fast the back of the boat could go under ! As for having reverse. If you got the money for a Very fancy hub to turn the pitch of the prop backwards you can have reverse. Diamondback made a reversing hub for about $7000 I’m not shore if there makeing it anymore do to it not being a hot seller. You can imagine why Lol
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