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Originally Posted by jwnoord View Post
What did you end up using for clutches and ratios for this? I have a t-555 (and two trisports in various states of disrepair).

My T-555 had the 3 bolt flange welded together for some reason. it is supposed to be disassemblable to fit in a car trunk I think. Anyway, also interested int eh muffler setup you used.

My 3 bolt flange isnt welded at all but i think the bolts have been replaced as they are grade 8.
Dismantling the flange too try too stuff it into a car sounds like a royal pita, i would surely kink cables or pull wires.
I load mine into the truck myself since its not that heavy.

No clutch, i put a 40 series cvt on it.

Gearing is all the original stuff, a 9t sproket off the jack shaft too the 54t axle sprocket .

The exhaust is 1 3/8" scrap pipe.
Its entirly open all the way through, a very short section of straight has about 100 cross drilled holes through it and wrapped in fiberglass mat then a peice of 2 1/4 pipe slid over and each end capped off and a short turn down for a tail pipe.
I also made a mount for the muffler that bolts too one of the unused engine slots.

I ran the trike for a while with just a short header on it and i can tell no difference except the noise.
I couldnt be happer with the performance of the exhaust its quite when your not on it and loud if you are, and it sounds great.
one day ill finish it. I have a shiny sheet too wrap the muffler with and exhaust wrap too install.