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According to Alex's (itsid) kart calculator, at the moment with the 30 series TC you have a high end of 4.86:1. With that you are going to burn up your belt. If I did your ratio properly. You said 9 to 9 to 10 to 54 correct? Anyway your top speed at the moment is 46mph. If you swap the ratio to 9-12-10-54 you'll have better torque, your ratio will be 7.2:1 and your top speed will be at 34mph.

I assumed a combined weight of 300lbs (150lb for driver and 150lb for the trike). Also assuming a 5hp engine with the governor intact so 3600 rpm and 21" tires.

Here's the calculator link, it only works on mobile devices so either a phone or tablet.
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