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Default Home built motor controller

Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while and I figured I'd share one of my projects that I started a couple years ago but never got around to finishing up until a few weeks ago. Some of you might remember me working on a motor controller modeled after an electric scooter motor controller, but heavily beefed up. Well, I'm glad to say that it works great and is quite possibly one of my best looking completed projects to date! I used a case from an old 50W Radioshack amplifier as it was just the right size.

I designed the controller to be able to handle a 500W motor I bought from a fellow site member, as well as modified starter motors, which require even more current. It also has a 36/24V selection switch, which only thing it does is prevent the unit from operating if the batteries drop below a certain voltage to prevent damaging them. The only thing that it doesn't have at the moment is over-current protection, but I designed it with the ability to add that later on. Here's some pics:
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