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I got the ring off...finally. I'm so happy haha! I wish I had known that the governor arm hole won't accommodate a 1/4" bolt though (arrrrg Redbeard!), thought I was going to wrap this up today. Tomorrow should be a good day ��

Oh I guess to describe how I did it. I used a flathead screwdriver and hammer to open the existing gap a little, this took the longest amount of time... then the progress of opening the clip more plateaued. The angles were to restrictive, I didn't have any better tools to use, I got stuck. I then used the flathead in a prying motion to pull the ring away from the wheel a fraction of an inch, just enough for vicegrips to grab the ring the ring, and then pulled it down and off the rod. From there, I used the vicegrips again to pull the wheel itself off.
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