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Originally Posted by chancer View Post
Now get some Front tires before you do "Crash and Burn"


....yah exactly as you all predicted. i got about 15 minutes of drive time so far. I did manage to get up to 27mph as expected.

and then this is outcome on HF tires. Also.... Bolt was loose on that tire? maybe caused more wear then expected?

On top of the HF wheels, I DID THE NEXT STUPID THING I thought hey i got loctite. ill just get this bolt on there good!

Then i started looking at rest of kart for loose items. And noticed more lose bolts. I picked up the loctite again and it said RED loctite...... okay maybe i need to get that bolt off the front tire ASAP!!!! was not glued all the way yet and managed to get it off with a little work. close one. almost had a BAD HF tire welded to the kart.

So questions to everyone:

What about Bolts on Tires? Nylon?

What about engine bolts, TC mount bolts, TC bolt into driver?

Blue loctite or split washers for them?
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