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cojaro 09-12-2006 07:12 AM

Well, last week I got my first parts in for my mini-chopper:

1. 4.5" brake assembly
2. 60t sprocket w/ incorporated 4.5" brake drum
3. 5" Tri-Star rims
4. Turf-saver tire (4" wide, 10.7" diameter)

Think 10.7" is big enough for a mini chopper?

I think the size is good, especially if I wanted to sell it and the guy buying it wanted it for his kids, therefore he wouldn't want it to go 40+. And if I don't sell it, I can always put a bigger tire on, or a jackshaft.

imported_robertdjung 09-12-2006 10:11 AM

That tire will work. My chopper has a 4" tire on it right now and it's too small -- i hit the chain on left turns. I've got a 5" and a slick that should arrive any day now from Northern.

jrjulien1 09-13-2006 04:14 AM

sounds like a cool project keep us posted

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