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matt5 01-02-2007 03:02 PM

Electric vehicles link; whats's going on with my minibikes and scooters
Thanks for that link! I think all of those vehcles are wicked cool, especially the car with the 1000 watt motor in it. I think electrics are really the way to go if you want acceleration, and some even have a reasonable range of travel. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of a 2-stroke with a performance muffler on it. Those things go by my house all the time at full throttle. They make a heck of a racket, that's why I like electrics a little better. With a big 1000 or 1500 watt motor or perhaps something smaller, with a high capacity battery, and you could probably top out at 20 miles an hour and go maybe 17 to 20 miles. All without a sound. It would be really practical, for both city streets and my country bike trail.

Now time for my scooter update. It's rather unpleasant. I haven't started building it. The clutch on the chainsaw motor just didn't seem like it would work, so I hesitated on continuing. Then, my science teacher dropped a big science fair project on us and I have spent the past couple of months on it. I hate it. So, I have had a couple of great ideas- a scooter with a chainsaw motor and a 10 hp minibike, but neither worked out for me sadly. I have good resources, but not quite enough expertise and definetely not enough money to just start hacking up metal and making projects. And now I'm crazed with building an electric scooter. I don't know, maybe I could make an electric, stuff is wicked cheap on ebay these days. Here's to another couple weeks of contemplating to see if that will work. I am sorry to have sent repeated emails to you guys and then not built anything. I need to be more careful on what I say. Just give me some time, and when I get something being made I will send you and email. Enough said. I still check all of your projects, I am very intrigued by the CBR900 go-kart.

RobertD 01-02-2007 06:53 PM

yeah, that's the nature of building! it's fun to keep thinking on new ideas. I hope you can get one building soon, I know it's tough to find both the moneya and time sometimes. Anyway, keep brainstorming, that's part of the fun here.

matt5 01-03-2007 01:46 PM

Thanks, and a suggestion
Thank you for being appreciative.
By the way, have you considered making a separate section for electric bikes, go karts, that kind of stuff? If I'm the only guy that is very intrigued about electric projects around here, so be it, but you seem to appreciate them too, by posting that link. I was under the impression that it was only gas jobs in diy go karts. There is much more to your forum then just go karts.
Just tell me what you think about it.

RobertD 01-03-2007 05:32 PM

So a forum for electric-only projects, right? That's not a bad idea.

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