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Randy H 06-28-2018 12:01 PM

I think a good combo would be a hemi block (flathead piston) and a regular head. Compression boostage.

I'm not at all suggesting buying both at your local HF and switching parts around, then taking one back because of poor performance.

That would be sick and wrong and devastating to China's economy.

bob58o 06-28-2018 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by 65ShelbyClone (Post 503479)
I doubt that anyone here is or will be using nitro though given all its difficulties and $50/gal average price.

Flyinhillbilly did a bunch of stuff with Nitromethane.
I think this thread ended when he blew the cylinder off his engine. I think it was 35%, but don't remember the CR.

In this thread he gets 10 gallons of undiluted pure Nitro

I tried RC fuel (once for 10 minutes) but probably didn't drill my jets large enough and didn't add any timing.

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