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BuckStalker 06-12-2019 12:21 PM

Hammerhead 80t build question
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Hi, new to the forum here.

I have a hammerhead 80t that was abused by its previous owner. I got it with the engine not quite mounted in or lined up but got it mounted and lined up with very little effort.
It currently has a duramax 7hp motor in it and a 10t clutch and a 44 tooth sprocket on a live axle. Also, 16 inch rear tires. These are all items it came with. It smoked the clutch within 2 minutes (twice due to my ignorance, I thought it was just a bad clutch so bought one). I've done a little research and discovered how bad that gear ratio is on clutches.
I want to install a torque converter. I bought this for my 11 year old to tool around our yard with, so I'm not looking for anything too fast or pricey.

My questions are:

1) Should I change the rear sprocket to a 6:1 ratio even with a torque converter
2) Is an Ebay tav2 kit going to be ok? It shows a 6 inch drive pulley. Anything I should stay away from with these?
3) Would a tav2 kit and a rear sprocket be all I need based off my description to get this thing running?
4) Any other recommendations or personal experience is greatly appreciated, I've been doing some reading on this site and the people here seem awesome.



JTSpeedDemon 06-12-2019 01:24 PM

6:1 with a TAV is still a bit tall with 16" tires. Try for 7.2/1 or even 8/1.
7 inch driven pulleys give you a little more wheel torque, but 6 inchers are not wrong.
A TAV and a sprocket should be all you need from what you say.

BuckStalker 06-12-2019 02:48 PM

Thanks for the response, I appreciate the help. I can't wait to get this thing running! I might be more excited than my boy

bthompson224 06-12-2019 02:58 PM

Yeah, get a 72 or 80 tooth sprocket. It shouldn't have clearance issues, but measure anyway to be sure you're not plowing with it. I have never used one, however several members have used the 30 series TC's from eBay.

mckutzy 06-12-2019 03:22 PM

If ground clearance is a problem... might need to build a jackshaft ....itll get the ideal ratio, with the clearance...

Here's a calc that'll help with the ratio's, choose what you have, then add in the others...
Off hand a 10-20-10-44 works out to be a 8.8:1....

landuse 06-13-2019 02:03 AM

Get a 72T sprocket. and a 10T TC sprocket. The cheap chines TC's are just fine. Make sure you get a genuine belt though, the chinese ones that come with the TC are junk

BuckStalker 06-13-2019 06:17 AM

I'm having trouble finding a sprocket with the center hole the right size for a 40 chain. The sprocket that's on there has a 2 inch center and the bolt pattern is 3 inches. Would you guys recommend changing the hub? I think that's what it's called but forgive my ignorance. It is the part on the axle that the rotor and the sprocket attach to.

mckutzy 06-13-2019 06:39 AM

Yes that is called a hub...

How about some pics of the kart/buggy...

BuckStalker 06-13-2019 07:09 AM

OP updated with the only pic I have of it on my phone

Denny 06-13-2019 07:59 PM

6 to 1 ratio will be fine with a TAVII and 16" tires. Manco used a higher one than that with 18" tires on the Dingos. Get a Genuine Comet belt.


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