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Help with throttle
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Hi all
I need som help too put the spring on my carburetor so i Can starting it

pearl111 09-10-2019 03:44 AM

WOW first I would start with a good cleaning.

Hellion 09-10-2019 12:15 PM

How did you get your engine to stick to the ceiling like that? :D

I see a Briggs flathead. What is the engine for?
What spring are you talking about? 09-12-2019 02:54 AM

It’s on A garden cutter it’s so I can get it to start so how do I connect it

Budget GoKart 09-12-2019 07:38 AM

Uh when i get home ill show you how my spring is connected

Hellion 09-12-2019 12:21 PM

Looks like you have an 80202 model 3hp.

You should have an air vane governor (a paddle) that acts and reacts to the mount of air coming off the blower.

Anyhow, look at this video and see if it sheds any light on your problem:

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