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jkarner 01-07-2009 08:34 PM

cbr 600 motor no spark
i have a 1999 cbr 600 motor that i plan to put in a kart. i installed new plugs and have done many voltage checks to find out why i am not getting spark. i checked voltage going to the plugs which sits at 12volts with no voltage spike that i can read on my voltmeter when turning the engine over. when turning over i see a voltage drop at the same spot before the coil of about 2volts. cleaned up all the ground connections, checked continuity to ground with the computer, and coils. seems good. still sputters and sounds like it wants to fire with starting fluid. must be gettin very weak spark inside the cylinder, but i should def see a fat blue spark when i ground the plug against the head, and i see nothing. once it sounded like it was running but soon as i let off the starter it dies. the only thing i think it could be is the pulse generator or the computer is not letting the voltage jump to like 100v before the coil. maybe there is a short in the wire somewhere. i also dont have a peak voltage adapter to check peak voltages, but they are expensive and i wonder if they are totally necessary to determine if my computer or pulse generator is bad. any more ideas greatly appreciated. thanks.

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