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mindymogul 12-16-2018 02:24 PM

Mindy done gone did it again.
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So.... I moved... again. BLEEPIN FINALLY! This time a lil more central to all the fun stuff. Especially since the Corvette museum is about 20mins from me (I'll let you guys guess).
Also in Roadkill fasion I bought a non running truck on blind luck for $300 and moved it 1300mi to my current location only to have it explode 3 weeks after I arrived. But that just proves my illness and favoritism because you guessed it... I bought another Dodge. For a truck that went from sitting for 27 months in a open driveway in east bum BLEEP nowhere to have hauled all of my crap with a trailer with another Dakota and 3 Hondas on it in less than 30hrs I'm pretty d*** impressed. So once shop is set up, power is put in, and things get underway I'm gonna be going back into the Bike Shop biz for a while. So without further a due...

Here's one for the mechincally inclined out there since Im literally stuck on this. The other day we noticed oil was dumping out of the truck in the subway parking lot. I put 2qts in and that lasted about 187 miles. I went to go take my girlfriend into work today and we got the overpowering stench of burning oil. Low and behold the dipstick was bone dry. So I put 5qts in it and went over to Oreilly to get a couple things. On the way there the engine fluttered a bit, kicked back to normal and then oil smoke started coming through the vents. Worse when on heat. So get there, and oil starts dumping out again (Only does it when engine shuts off) but this time even worse. I buy 5qts of oil, put it in, then 10.6mi back to subway it's ALL gone on the side of the truck. Here's the catcher. No coolant is in the oil or vice versa. And its not leaking from the filter, pan area, plug, or smoking from the exhaust. There is also no external lines coming from the oil filter mount nor any other accessory lines from the oil system. All seals and gaskets are fine. So what the actual bleep is happening?

Whitetrashrocker 12-16-2018 02:52 PM

Oil pressure sensor unit? Look in any big vacuum line for oil too. Might be sucking oil out the valve cover and into the vacuum system.
Just a guess.
I've seen some odd stuff.

mindymogul 12-16-2018 03:28 PM

All vacuum lines are clear. So are the PVC valves. But I want to know why there was oil collected and slung around in the blower fan and through the vents. The cabin air filter was drenched with the fresh oil. Thing is its not coming out of the hood so where would it be coming from? Plus the air filter and throttle body had some in it as well. The oil leak isnt the issue. The next to impossible scenerios are. Burnt rings are a dead giveaway with oil coming through the intake but now I'm wondering if theres a crack in the block somewhere. Next step is to remove the sump pickup and power flush the oil passages with Marvel's and 10-40.

mckutzy 12-16-2018 04:00 PM

Giver a good pressure wash... then giver another run or maybe a high idle in situ for awile, that way the oil dont get blown about, hiding the seeping point..

Joe-405 12-16-2018 04:10 PM

Don’t forget to go bowling on the green turf while your there.

Kartorbust 12-16-2018 04:20 PM

I would degrease top and bottom and put a dye in the oil, then use a black light to see where it's coming from. Probably have quite a few leaks maybe blow by as well. Bad rings, etc. The truck is old, probably do for a complete rebuild.

mindymogul 12-16-2018 04:33 PM

I kid you not Ive wasted $40 at the coin op today. And each tine I get fown the road it gets just as dirty. 323k and owned by a dead fat guy who never heard of the world "clean" or "wash cloth" but she dis her job. Now its time to bust out the moped and try not to die!

ezcome-ezgo 12-17-2018 08:49 AM

Theorem: There was no coolant in the engine, a gasket gave way somewhere, oil was sucked into the cooling system. The oil attacked the hoses and seals of the cooling system and began to leak.

Or something like that. Disclaimer: I am an idiot.

mindymogul 12-18-2018 08:39 PM

Case closed. Oil passages got blocked from running nasty 2yo convetional oil for 1300mi and blew out the pressure switch AND took out a chunk from the block. But I got $600 for it with a blown engine and like ZERO things NOT wrong with it sooooo yeah. Bye bye dodge, helloooooo Delta 88.

Whitetrashrocker 12-19-2018 09:53 AM

I win!

mindymogul 12-23-2018 06:30 PM

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Roadkill would be proud. Picked this '82 Delta 88 up for $500. It made it 1mi, had to add 2qts of trans fluid. Made it another mile, needed gas after just putting $10 in. Made it about 12mi, then water pump locked up and broke the alterator belt. Made it about another 10mi where the front right caliper locked up AND trans ran out of fluid. Not to mention the hood flung open on the interstate because the battery shifted, pulled the hood cable and WHAM! Instant blindfold. So I took the hood off, put it in the truck, then motored about 5mi before the trans spilled out its guts. So 2 days later it sits in the driveway screaming for help...

ezcome-ezgo 12-27-2018 07:04 AM

$500? I've seen cars given away in better shape. Interesting project though.

mindymogul 12-28-2018 04:08 PM

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Paint was rough and engine ain't a 350 but thats why I like it. It's lived and needs love. So gut the interior, $20 rattle can spray job, set of Kickers 6x9s, and fuzzy lucky dice and run this BLEEP! But 350 Rocket will come into play one of these days. Or the LS1 from the Roadmaster I junked. 307s are horrible with aftermarket upgrades. And the 200R4 is JUNK. A 250 I6 has better potential than this. But a full a swap takes only a few hours so she may get some nip and tuck in the near future. Black Betty is under way!

mindymogul 01-11-2019 07:50 PM

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So she went from crap to mediocre to WASTED. I got her all goin nice and smooth and in less than 6mi she went from light lifter tick to death knock to DEAD. Somehow I managed to break the 8/7 lobe off the crank and basically blow apart the rest of the bottom end with the shrapnel. So this is a great opporunity to strip it, swap it, and possible even Lemons Rally it.

landuse 01-14-2019 01:13 AM

Ugh!!! Sorry about that Mindy

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