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Nosandwich 06-03-2018 09:05 PM

Goodbye Sammy
Sammy died in his sleep last night under the house. I just located him about 30 minutes ago, and just got through removing him from under the house.

He was a real character, I don't know if I'll ever find another one even close to him. I will miss him.

Whitetrashrocker 06-03-2018 11:36 PM

Sorry to hear.

landuse 06-04-2018 12:50 AM

So sorry about that. What type of animal was Sammy again?

itsid 06-04-2018 03:08 AM

Sorry to hear that Doug, I really am..

You will NEVER find a cat like him,
but you will easily find a cat that you love as much as him.


2SlickNick 06-04-2018 09:29 AM

Sorry to hear Doug...

RobertD 06-04-2018 10:29 AM

That's rough. Sorry to hear that.

bob58o 06-04-2018 01:45 PM

Sorry bud.

Nosandwich 06-04-2018 03:49 PM

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Originally Posted by landuse (Post 501866)
So sorry about that. What type of animal was Sammy again?

Ornery. :lolgoku:

Denny 06-06-2018 11:45 PM

Sorry Doug, Just remember the good times you had with him. Keep him in your heart and he will always be with you.


Panhead5496 06-07-2018 12:42 PM

Very sorry to hear that. Losing a pet is always really tough.

Speaking from experience, you need to get a kitten to help keep your mind off losing Sammy.

Denny 11-15-2018 04:08 AM

Doug, if you want 4 free kittens just drive up to Indiana a mom had them on my front porch about 2 months ago. I think Sammy was the father. I hate cats and so do my dogs. :mad2:


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