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KartFab 04-30-2017 11:30 PM

How to Change a Go Kart Tire
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This article will go over how to change a go kart tire, but it can apply to atv and golf-cart tires as well.
  • Get specialized tools (or not)
  • Figure out what size tires you need
  • Break the tire bead
  • Remove the tire from the rim
  • Replace snap in valve stems
  • Mount new tires
  • Seat the bead
  • Inflate the tire

Hopefully this article will help people out (or end up blowing up their tire with starter fluid :roflol:). Cheers.

Hellion 05-01-2017 09:06 PM

Great tutorial as usual. I've however used your (and other's) fire technique for seating bead to rim, with no ill effects. Such barbarism! :D

These types of tires (tubeless) have several cons as they sometimes leak around the rim and you can have the same issue getting the bead set again if the tire should completely deflate and fall off the rim.

Of course there's option B which is to use split rims and an inner tube...but I think for larger go kart or powersports vehicles, tube-type tires or split rims are quite limited. I'm not entirely sure on that but it's kind of an obsolete technology.

chancer 05-01-2017 09:13 PM

Here is a trick I use.
After removing the valve core, instead of using the blower attachment you used,
I will use an air hose male quick disconnect with nothing threaded to the end, so it is wide open.
This will allow you dump a 5HIT ton of air into the tire quickly, and set the bead.
then just quickly install the valve core.
It also helps to have a helper kink and unkink the air hose for you as needed.

Randy H 05-02-2017 05:34 AM

Very nice presentation. Here's another option for bead seating.

An enterprising DIYer could rig up a sprinkler valve and some PVC pipe too.

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