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2SlickNick 02-05-2017 09:44 AM

2017 - Sidecar - DNF
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Okay 2017 is here... I have been a part of this great place for sometime now, I have had some good builds in that time too, and have decided it is about time to enter the build off.

I have decided to join DIYGK's two main vehicles of daily disccussions - together.

I have decided to make a big tire minibike with a two seater gokart-sidecar.

I will use a 212 Predator and torque converter for a power plant, I will make safer, and better big tire sidecar. The sidecar is going to be a leaner style like my first sidecar build.

This is going to be cool, so hold onto your keyboards and enjoy the ride!

ultralight01 02-05-2017 03:08 PM

Nice! This will be cool. And your avatar wants to give me nightmares.

2SlickNick 02-05-2017 05:18 PM

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All unnecessary parts removed off of the go kart.

2SlickNick 02-05-2017 05:21 PM

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One seat in front and one seat in back. Rear seat will be slightly higher than the seat in front.

I am also considering making a seat and sissy bar for a rider behind the driver. Four people on one bike, yeah this will be awesome.

Bbqjoe 02-05-2017 05:50 PM

You think a 212 will move four people?
1 adult and 3 toddlers maybe.

2SlickNick 02-05-2017 06:35 PM

I know it will... torque converter and geared low. I could always use my 7" driven if needed too.

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It moves 300lbs karts with 2 passengers

Bbqjoe 02-05-2017 07:04 PM

This will indeed be a grand build!

chancer 02-05-2017 10:20 PM

You need a Caster Wheel for the Front of the Kart! LOL

pRoFiT 02-06-2017 10:48 AM

Oh wait. you need to argue on the rules then. Says 1 or 2 people machines. not 3 4. But i think in all fairness your go kart with 4 people is reasonable. Looks like fun. Dangerous fun for the passengers in the back!

itsid 02-06-2017 11:09 AM

by the looks I'm a bit concerned about the kart chassis -excuse me- sidecar flexing under load due to a lack of front wheels, an enormous lever and a considerable amount of weight in front of the pivot (rear wheel)

So may I suggest installing a hidden caster wheel under the front axle beam?


2SlickNick 02-06-2017 01:41 PM

Really caster?
That would just wobble like a son of a *itch.

I have given the thought of it flexing...
I was thinking of making the some additional under frame bracing. I will put pics up as I go.
I found a good source for info on sidecar construction, I believe this will all be possible.

itsid 02-06-2017 05:14 PM

Noooo, it won't!
I'm not talking about a shopping cart steel cheap caster, neither one from your desk chair..
I'm talking about a full sized caster wheel like you find on some heavy duty warehouse equipment,
maybe even make one yourself (a mini-bike fork and a kart wheel and another bearing or two)
bracing is okay.. but that layout is ... uhm...
let's say you'd need a full cage to brace that enough with the pivot as far back.
a caster is much slicker (hehe) and if done correctly won't wobble at all


2SlickNick 02-06-2017 05:46 PM

Okay thanks.

I will take all of this and consideration. And I have been thinking about a full cage. I don't plan on the cart to be that far forward, nothing is welded yet just mocking up.

chancer 02-06-2017 06:26 PM

Post 8

Originally Posted by chancer (Post 456111)
You need a Caster Wheel for the Front of the Kart! LOL

Post 10

Originally Posted by itsid (Post 456135)

So may I suggest installing a hidden caster wheel under the front axle beam? sid

Let the Record Show I suggested this First!

2SlickNick 02-06-2017 06:57 PM

I know I know!!! lol

itsid 02-06-2017 07:59 PM

thinking about it... you might even be able to make it a "steering" wheel ;)
just a trailing arm on your bikes front fork, a tie rod and voila... *shrugs*

Ah well.. you'll figure something out


TeamCheap 02-06-2017 08:43 PM

COOL project very interesting.

Makes me wonder about the feasibility of making an engine/drive wheel that can be attached to a mini bike frame or attached to a gokart frame or combine the two into something cool like your building so basically you'd have 3 vehicle configurations.

pRoFiT 02-06-2017 10:26 PM

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Needs to be like batmobile. like the sidecar can eject from the bike and drive by itself! id vote for that even if i only had one vote to give.

2SlickNick 02-07-2017 07:52 AM

I want to post this -----> As I did in my other sidecar build. This is where I am getting most of my info and links from on my leaner style sidecar.

2SlickNick 02-07-2017 08:54 PM

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Welded this 1/4" thick plate for front brace.

2SlickNick 02-07-2017 08:58 PM

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Drilled 1/2" hole on the center line of the bike.

2SlickNick 02-07-2017 09:04 PM

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Welded 1/2" nut to the front of plate ( this welded looks a little sloppy - because I forgot to wipe oil off, after drilling - dohh).

I will thread 1/2" bolt from engine area and then use 1/2" heim ball jojnt.

Heims will be on the sidecar and I will be able to adjust toe-in and toe-out.

Now on to the rear pivot mount.

2SlickNick 02-08-2017 08:07 PM

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Welded on rear pivot mount.
Used some angled steel, drilled 1/2" hole, welded the nut, and violá...

And yes the front pivot mount is higher than rear pivot mount. The front needs to be higher to help with steering the sidecar wheel.

2SlickNick 02-15-2017 07:07 PM

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1/2" heims arrived, so I made front pivot arm.

2SlickNick 02-15-2017 07:12 PM

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Also I trimmed some more frame stuff off kart.
I Will use those frame parts as safety body rails.

I will make rear arm tomorrow. I just purchased a seat for sidecar, springer seat for the bike, and a torque converter.

just waiting for a 25% off coupon from Harbor freight to purchase a new predator.

2SlickNick 02-16-2017 06:51 PM

Just so all of you know, the sidecar wheel is in the middle of the sidecar. The way it should be evenly distributed.

I have the side car wheel 10 inches in forward of mini bike rear wheel.

Ebrownie 02-16-2017 09:11 PM

Looks like it's gonna be cool! Although I don't know about that music in your video...wouldn't be my first choice:lolgoku:

TeamCheap 02-16-2017 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by Ebrownie (Post 457409)
Looks like it's gonna be cool! Although I don't know about that music in your video...wouldn't be my first choice:lolgoku:

I think "frankenstein" - Edgar Winter group would be a cool sound track for a machine build.

2SlickNick 02-18-2017 08:49 PM

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Mailman brought a goodie today...
This seat is a little bit larger than my other springer solo seat on my Db.
There should be a good fit for the Baja warrior.

chancer 02-18-2017 08:51 PM

Joe BBQ is gonna be Jealous!

2SlickNick 02-21-2017 06:34 PM

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More goodies... picked up Predator Hemi, torque converter, fuel tank, and another racing seat.

Seat mount is done. I cut the old seat bar off, welded on a piece of flat stock, and then welded cleavis pins on flat stock. I will use cotter pins to secure springs.

Will be fabricating fuel tank mounts this week.

2SlickNick 03-02-2017 08:55 PM

Bbqjoe 03-03-2017 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by chancer (Post 457703)
Joe BBQ is gonna be Jealous!

I is.

Panhead5496 03-04-2017 10:18 AM

Wow! I've always wanted to make a side car for my Baja to let people ride with me.

Will watch you build for sure :)

B.M.800 03-05-2017 04:46 PM

Would you mind snapping a picture of the rear axle if you havnt put it together yet?

I have some parts leftover from the bajas I had years ago, frame, forks, wheels... but Im missing alot of the small parts.

2SlickNick 03-11-2017 08:22 AM

2SlickNick 03-11-2017 10:15 AM

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Starting my sissy bar and rear luggage rack.

itsid 03-11-2017 11:31 AM

as if one chair isn't enough ..
One must add a spine impaler to one's ride near the head region so it can easily grab under the brim of the helmet of course.. (all else means to chicken out)


PS Nick, really???

2SlickNick 03-11-2017 12:10 PM

It will lean back away from rider...
bad idea? I thought it would look cool.

Maybe take the spike off? Leave it just "A" style?

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I have a decorative steel ball I can put up there instead.

chancer 03-11-2017 03:27 PM

The Spike looks cool. Live Dangerously!
Besides I don't think with the sidecar you will be doing any Tremendous Wheelies and tipping over.
My 2 Pennies.

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