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Kartflipper 06-23-2019 03:31 PM

Where to find hubs?
Where can I find hubs for split rim wheels? Also a hub that can hold the sprocket and brake drum, is there a name for that? I canít seem to find either on the web. Iím about to buy rims/wheels/hubs/tires for a kart that has none, asking for suggestions and where to find them.

JTSpeedDemon 06-23-2019 03:54 PM
These are all good places for parts.
For the brake drum/sprocket thingy you refer to, this might help:
Any of those places will be great for tubes, tires, rims, and hubs.
Could we see some pics of the project?
Oh, and :welcome2:

Kartflipper 06-23-2019 05:55 PM

Thank you! I’m not sure how to post pictures yet but I’m gonna start a thread for it tomorrow

Hellion 06-23-2019 06:13 PM

Tell us what you got and whether you're going stock or for an upgrade and we can help.
Otherwise you just asked a generic question that gives you a generic answer.

Posting pics is easy:
When making a new thread, you just scroll below the text window to "Additional Options" then click the button "Manage Attachments" where you will have the option of uploading your pic from your computer or a URL. Be sure to click "Upload".

You can't add pics from the Quick Reply function. Use "Go Advanced".

itsid 06-23-2019 06:53 PM

^^ that...

if you are more of a visual guy,
maybe pics can help you find the buttons


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