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Crazy Redneck Fun
A Forum for Rednecks  
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Down Hill Racers
Here's something to do with your kart when you don't have an engine!  
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Keywords: racing downhill soapbox
Metal Fab site
Great site for everything fabrication, its amazing what they do over there. It looks like nothing when your not a member, but if you sign up theres hundreds of different categories, and so much useful info.  
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MSC Industrial Supply
If you can't find it here...you probably don't need it.
Tools, hardware, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, chain, shim stock, paints, oils....on and on. Fast shipping.
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Bar Stool Racer by Ken Lowe
This is one of the original bar stool racers.  
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Chainsaw RC Car
A chainsaw-engine RC racer. Shows how they made the engine - to - wheels connections, gearing, etc. Useful if you want to make a chainsaw project!  
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Keywords: chainsaw engine
List of links
A list that is old and probably has many dead links, so we need to go through them and add the good ones here.  
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Keywords: stuff to do
Skateboard - Motorized, One Wheel, Self Balancing
This is kind of like a segway, uses one large go kart tire, is self powered and self balancing!  
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